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Going Green At Home And In The Workplace

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, you would have surely noticed the increased global focus ‘green’ or eco-friendly…well, pretty much everything really. It seems that everyone is talking about ‘green’ this and ‘green’ that, and even those who wouldn’t know a compost pit from a hole in the ground routinely frequent organic products and services just because it somehow feels right.

But what does ‘going green’ actually mean? How practical–scratch that–how easy is it to implement green practices in the home or in the workplace? Is a green lifestyle even worth the effort in terms of tangible benefits?

All these questions are essential to anyone who has adopted the green lifestyle, to those merely considering going green, and even to those who are totally opposed to the idea. Although it may be argued that the benefits provided by green living are marginal at best, there is no question that they have provided measurable and perceivable benefits in localized communities. Agricultural and manufacturing facilities have incurred significant cost savings and profitability after adopting green technology, and even small business owners and homeowners have put eco-friendly practices to beneficial use in their own ways. As to whether or not a green lifestyle is worth effort…the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

This brings up the question of how practical it is to implement green practices at home and in the workplace. Interestingly enough, green practices can be implemented at very little cost, and can in fact be done simply by modifying current practices and work processes. Better still, green practices can significantly reduce your costs, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner.

Even the simple acts of reducing water and power consumption can be hugely beneficial for a home or business in terms of cost reduction. Such efforts may also provide tangible benefits to the local community; with everyone committing to reduced water consumption by watering their lawns less or leaving their pool empty, a full-blown water crisis may be averted, or at least be much easier to deal with.

Further measures can be taken to contribute toward a smaller carbon footprint and reduced negative impact to the environment. Products and processes that aim to reduce carbon emissions and petroleum-based fuel consumption can provide marked benefits, not only for the businesses that implement them, but also for the immediate vicinity and the environment in general.

Even private individuals can contribute to the green effort in their own small way. Apart from the aforementioned conservation and resources reduction methods that can be easily implemented at home, individuals can help out the cause by supporting green or green-conscious establishments and opting for green products and services whenever possible.

For those going green, there is often the feeling of swimming against the tide; as if all the effort won’t really amount to much. Nevertheless, going green does provide tangible and measurable benefits, and we all owe it to the planet, ourselves, and the future generations to at least consider making the effort.

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